Solid Edge ST9

What’s New in Solid Edge ST9

Cloud-enabled Design on Your Terms
Solid Edge ST9 - Cloud enabled design on your terms Cloud capabilities when you need them. Flexible and easy access to the full capabilities of Solid Edge with cloud-based licensing, user preferences and software updates. Collaborate easily using popular cloud based file sharing software. Flexibility to work offline when needed.

Solid Edge ST9: Expand Your Horizons

Siemens Solid Edge ST9 combines the cloud capabilities and data management you need, with unprecedented flexibility and excellence in 3D CAD.

Move to Solid Edge and expand your horizons.

Solid Edge ST9



  • Maximize re-use with native CAD model intelligence
  • Enjoy built-in design management without maintaining a database
  • Minimize IT overhead with optional cloud capabilities
  • Select from local or cloud storage of design data
  • Organize an entire project and user preferences into a portable file or folder


  • Optional cloud technology facilitates software deployment, maintenance and collaboration
  • Built-in data management for fast searches and release management
  • Easy duplication of assembly components and part features speeds design work
  • Multi-body operations expand part modelling processes
  • Management of  assembly relationships simplified via an intuitive dialog
  • SolidWorks model-to-drawing associatively migrated to Solid Edge


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